New Energies Venture, Inc (NEVI) is a team of experienced energy experts aiming at investing in emerging energy segments. With representation in three continents and a track record of successful business experience, the NEVI team can analyze, strategize and execute your international expansion.

Headquartered in the State of New Hampshire, home of "Yankee Ingenuity”, and located near the University of New Hampshire, NEVI benefits from a wide range of multi-talented individual consultants.

Our Asia office(, is located in the Province of Jiangsu, China, where over 60% of the Chinese solar cells are produced. A reliable network of technical, patent, legal, HR, and operational experts are available upon request through our personal and trusted multi-year “guanxi” relationships.

Ready to discuss investment, JV, or foreign projects, the NEVI team welcomes your contact and is looking forward to working in close collaboration with your company under creative risk and sharing agreements.